New Project: Economic Updates

I wanted to share with you a new project I am working on.

Personally, I find keeping up with the stock market and economic news tough to do. Either I hear from someone in passing, walk by a TV at just the right time, or catch something on my twitter feed. But I think it can be done better…

So starting today I’ve launched a blog series (through my work at Compass Mortgage) where I’ll share (weekly) updates on what you missed the week prior. It will be short, sweet, and simple…. the way I think all e-mails should be.


My first post can be found here.

If you want to be an on-going subscriber you can click here.


I’m looking forward to hearing what you think.

Stories That Speak.

My brother, Kyle, helped start a non-profit last year… The Kala Project. They are doing amazing work and I am continually inspired by what they are producing.

Their latest story, “Sam I Am”, is worth sharing:

“Sam is 4 year old boy that suffers from a rare and serious heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. After undergoing 3 open heart surgeries and dealing with many complications, Sam still has an incredible heart of joy. This video will help raise funds for Sam’s many treatments and show how God has been spreading hope through the life of His dear child, Sam.”

If you are interested in seeing more work from the  Kala Project you can find it at


The Discipline of Showing Up

On the Entreleadership podcast last week I listened to Dave Ramsey interviewing one of my other favorite people, Seth Godin. When Seth was asked what his what was new in his crazy world he spoke about the excitement for his most recent accomplishment: His 5,000th blog post.

Courtesy of matea 2506

Courtesy of matea 2506 (creative commons)

That’s over 10 years of writing… EVERY SINGLE DAY.

You look at someone like Seth and think that it must be awesome to write a blog for a living. Then you hear a stat like that and you realize how hard that man has worked to get where he is at (in addition to his books, interview, etc.)

The thing I appreciated most about Seth in this podcast was his encouragement for us to stop being so focused on the”grand opening” or “next big thing” and instead focus on the discipline of showing up every day. There wasn’t a single blog post he did that changed the world. But his persistence and discipline of showing up every day for ten years has drastically changed thousands of lives and has transformed how most of us view business. Continue reading →

Being Your Best

Overwhelmed. Over-Scheduled. Exhausted. These are the three words that Bill Hybels said he has been hearing for far too long from his congregation at Willow Creek Community Church. Too many of us run “on low” and have been too exhausted for far too long.

Well Bucket - 112615250_8164fddbb2_z

Hybels uses a bucket analogy to help us easily see how we can be drained and how we can “fill up our bucket.” This feeling of being drained or being “in a rut” can only be sustained for so long before we break. When we are depleted we make our worst decisions and can’t focus on the important things in life. So he encourages everyone to try and find the things in your life that fill you up and make you feel encouraged and full of life.

The things that can fill us up are called replenishment streams. These can be spiritual, relational, work-related or recreational streams. These are the things that after we complete them we are filled with life. Here’s some examples: Continue reading →

How to Calculate A Mortgage Payment

Are you interested in buying a home? Figuring out your monthly mortgage payment will be one of the key factors in determining whether or not you can afford a home. If you have ever tried to calculate your monthly figures online you probably found out pretty quickly that most mortgage calculators online don’t give you an accurate picture of what your mortgage payment will be.

Mortgage Calculator - iStock_000017138242Medium

Most calculators online today will give you a estimate of what your principal and interest will be. While these are very important, for some people these may not even be half of you payment (although for most it’s the majority of the payment). To get a better estimate we need to calculate your PITI, or your principal, interest, taxes and insurance.

Continue reading →